Setting Up Page

Setting up a page is similar to writing a post. To create a new page go to Dashboard > Pages > Add New. Start filling in the blanks: enter your page title in the upper field, and enter your page body content in the main page editing box below it.

Most of our themes come bundled with The Creator – visual page builder that will help you create stunning pages in no time.

Select the desired template (e.g. Front page, Default Template, Portfolio etc). In case of Portfolio template, just add page name and choose the Portfolio (one of) template. The included portfolio plugin will do the rest.

The Default template has the options of selecting the layout (with or without the sidebar), hiding the title or using the no container page. No Container page gives you the ability to ‘stretch’ the sections across the screen, along with the content.
Select desired Sidebar (if selected layout uses sidebar).

When you are ready, click ‘Publish’.

NOTICE: Not all themes have the same page options. So if you’re missing some of the described options, don’t be alarmed ;)

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