A list of most asked questions

How do I install WordPress?

Hi and welcome to the exciting world of WordPress. Installing WordPress is super easy and takes less then 5 minutes (if you have the database and all prepared). We recommend that you visit the official WordPress FAQ Installation page for all the details.

Where are the old forums located?

Since we’ve moved to the ticketing system, which was a highly requested feature, we closed the forums. They are still visible at this link, but you cannot post to them. You can search and read the topics if you want, and if you think you may find something useful there.

When I activate the theme I get blank page. What is wrong?

Looks like you’ve encountered the infamous ‘White screen of death’. There must be some fatal error that is messing your site up. You need to enable debugging in order to see what’s the issue.

I have installed and activated the theme and the plugins, but the site doesn't look like the demo

You’ve done almost everything, except importing demo content. You’ll need to follow the instructions given in the knowledge base article about demo import. Just follow that article and you should get the demo look of your page.

How do I update my theme?

The update process is similar to the theme installation process. You will need to replace the old theme using the FTP instructions, or delete the old theme from the Appearance > Themes screen, then follow the installation instructions to upload the latest version of the theme. Installing the Envato WordPress Toolkit will alert you to available theme updates.

How do I customize my theme?

Our themes are equipped with theme Customizer. Customizer is organized into logical groups and has descriptions for each item. Please take some time and navigate through each option tab, exploring the possible theme options. Go to Appearance > Customize to start. Don’t forget to click on Save & Publish to save your settings once you are finished.

How do I setup Revolution slider?

After you’ve installed and activated the plugin, it should add a menu item to your main WordPress dashboard. Now you can start building your sliders! You can begin from scratch, or import a free export file from the Revolution Slider demo to help get you started.

Does the theme include demo content?

Yes it does. Our themes come with demo imports which include content pages, posts and sliders. Everything except images, because we cannot share them due to licence terms and Envato requirements, so we replaced them with placeholders. You just need to replace that with your own images.

Can I get a refund?

We normally do not issue refunds, because there is no way to return a digital product. If you are experiencing any difficulty with our themes, we will be more than happy to offer support and resolve the situation.

Are your themes compatible with the latest WordPress releases?

Of course. All of our themes are fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Our developers make sure to always keep with the current releases, just in case there is some major code change that could affect the functionality of the themes.