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    I have a few problems with product-page. Please look at this: When I turn the number of items in stock on (10 w magazynie) the separator line crosses throuh the prise. I believe it’s because position of the price is related to the description text above. When I turn the stock on the separator line and ad to cart button moves down, but the price stays in it’s original place. The second problem is the ad to wishlist button. As you can see on the page above, there are two such buttons. And now look at this page: This is a product with variations and the button is active even before I chose attribute. After I chose the attribute, second button appears.
    Third question: can I switch of and hide from product page Reviews?

    And the last question is: when do you plan to update? I was waiting for the update on Monday, but it didn’t happen.



    I have fixed that issues.
    First one was in css code, just needed float on .stock class.
    And the other one is in options, it is the way that wishlist is handled. In Woocommerce/Settings/Wishlist/Position – it needs to be set as Use Shortcode.
    We are still working on update. Newer version of Drag and Drop is in review process so when it gets approved we will issue Evora update with it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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