The Creator – What Our Page Builder Offer

The Creator is a great WordPress plugin that lets you create remarkable things even with mediocre themes. Spice up your content and draw visitors attention to the point! Animate entrance of site elements so your site looks modern and fresh. Use modern parallax effect on sections and with professional look impress even more!

There is no need to know how to code, works right out of the box! If you have zero coding skills The Creator is perfect choice for you. This fantastic plugin lets you create content of pages and post simply, using drag and drop interface. There is no need to remember any shortcode, every attribute is accessible from pop-up modal windows and forms. It is so easy even child can do it!

Why not having fun while you’re doing your own website? This plugin gives you fun and it is incredibly easy to use. It is very simple and it saves you a lot of time. After you install the plugin you simple create a new page from WordPress back end.

The Creator adapts to your style as you change your profile Color Scheme. So you will always have professional looking interface of the back end page builder. We do not limit you to few color combinations. We understand that everyone has different taste. Color options are provided for most elements using an advanced color selection tool with alpha opacity. Unlimited number of combinations are possible, if you need to build About us page, Service page, or any other pages you want Creator will handle it and you will be blasting fast. The Creator is maximally optimized, build with best practices and lightning fast speed in mind. It will follow your inspiration with no jamming.

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