Our theme has built in Portfolio functionality. This means you can display your portfolio on your site with no trouble. In this article we’ll cover how the portfolio works and how to setup your portfolio as well as adding additional items to your portfolio.

Setting Up The Portfolio

Before we start adding items to the portfolio we need to set up the portfolio page. Go to your Dashboard > Pages > Add new. Create a page with any name you want for your portfolio. For the purpose of this article we’re going to call our page just ‘Portfolio’. Under the ‘Page attributes’ section when adding a new page under the ‘Template option’ select ‘Portfolio’ (we also have Portfolio 2 Columns, 3 Columns and 4 Columns in some themes).

The options available to configure are:

– Categories (Either all or single category)
– Columns (How many columns you’d like the portfolio to be split across up to a maximum of four, choosing the template)
– Layout (Force a full width if you want, or leave it contained)

Go to Dashboard > Portfolio and add as many Portfolio items you like. Don’t forget to set ‘Featured images’ because they will show in the portfolio page.

Using the portfolio element

You can also use portfolio element on any page if you want, using The Creator. You can add category for each portfolio page and then in Portfolio element set that category to show specific portfolio. For example, let’s say you have made two categories. First is ‘Nature’, second is ‘People’. Open the portfolio element and in the category field add these categories, but be sure that you set the category slugs with a comma separating them (coma and a space after it).

You’ve now successfully setup your first Portfolio with our theme.

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