Empty Space Between Sections

If you use our The Creator – Visual Page Builder, many users have space between sections and they don’t know how to remove that space.
It’s very easy. For sections we set some default padding in pixels (above and below section, for example 70px or 100px) and when you inspect it’s marked in green color.

To remove that padding, edit your section in the right top corner (click on color palette icon) and click on second tab named Customize. There you can see this image:


Let’s say that padding top default is set to 100px. In the Customize tab, if you set padding top to 20px, that would be 20px, not 120px.


So, if you set padding bottom in first section to be zero and padding top in second section to zero, space between sections will be 0 and it won’t be displayed.

In the Customize tab you can also set border and margin.

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